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Esri UC Tribal / Indigenous Tract Presentation

IMG_0058Esri UC Tribal / Indigenous Tract Presentation

I am truly honored to have been able to speak at this year’s ESRI User Conference in San Diego. I did feel like I was an outlier in all of the presentations, but in a very good way. Most people were very scientific and technically oriented; I was too, but with a different focus, a focus that is perhaps a product of my Master of Fine Arts training, a large and colossal focus. To shift the perspective of American History is a grandiose project. Although I felt like I went through my presentation of the data, sources, development, and live-demos far too fast, I got a warm and loud round of applause. Many handshakes and “good work, really, good work” comments, I also handed out quite a few business cards. I hope this journey and project continues to grow as more and more people are exposed to it.


The day was also pleasant, I biked to the commuter ferry that goes from Coronado to San Diego, which is free, round-trip!

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