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Adventure Lightning Talk – Downtown Santa Cruz

Go on an adventure with eight Santa Cruz strangers. Adventures in surfing and the Watsonville Brown Berets. Adventures in art cars and bike trips to Mexico City. Hear these creative, personal and fun lightning talks that push the boundaries of common lecture formats. These will be great, fun, fast, and five minutes.

Here’s who’s talking about what:

Ann Simonton will talk about her adventures making Feminist History.
Edgar Oliveras will share his adventures biking to Mexico City from CA with his partner Jasmine and their dog Canela.
Delphine Foo-Matkin will speak of her surf adventures around the world with her husband.
Wayne Marci will share his adventures in researching Native American History thru his digital mapping art projects of native battle sites and territories.
Kirby Scudder will tell us the inside scoop on the art car now known as “The Miracle” which used to be seen around town as shuttle bus, a touring vehicle, and the First Friday Art Tour “Cow” bus.
Holly Harman will share her history & adventures of the infamous Psychedelic School Bus at Holidays Hippie Commune in the SC mountains in the 60’s.
Yesenia Molina will speak to her experiences growing up inside the Watsonville Brown Berets.
Cat Wilder will speak of his adventures being involved in multiple Indigenous Solidarity campaigns in SC County, CA, and across the US.

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